An approach to AI / VR and human-mechanic art  

Sunken in religion, laws and habits, are the humans robots?


"Translations" is a collection of bio-mechanical artworks made from analogic old masterpieces of art.
"Translations" are works performed by a human who communicates with the machine through a molding interface. The compositions are extracted from existing analogic masterpieces of art.
All the elements that make up the "Translations" have been developed using modeling applications.
The elements that make up the "Translations" are modeled from reality. The scenarios are also famous works of analogic art, like buildings, furniture, etc...


"Deposizione High Way"
"Dolce Far Niente_1"
"Dolce Far Niente_2"
"Cyborgs in Arnolfini's bed room_1"
"Cyborgs in Arnolfini's bed room_2"
"Les Demoiselles"
"NY Masks"
"Emaus meeting"
Hector & Andromaca XXI Century


Special Thanks to: - 3D models:,,,, Santiago di Pietro. - 3D free models: Andersen, Anna, Artur, Charles Garnier, Diego, Edvan Manuel, Enrico, Fox Haven, Fransua Kart, Juan Kip, Julio Garcia, Lara Cheng, Maalem, Marcia, Milosh Maric, Nasser, Oswald Mathias, Rahman, Rita Troy, Robert, Savin, Silvia, Tom, Vera